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ABC’s of Deductions Book

“The ABC’s of Deductions can help you save up to $10,000 or more, even potentially into the six-figures on your taxes!”

The ABC's of Deductions: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Tax Write-Offs

Have you ever felt unsure about exactly what tax deductions you can take as a business owner? IRS Enrolled Agent and Tax Advisor Jonathan Bengel takes the guesswork out of it for you in this brilliant and easy-to-understand book. Find out how Uncle Sam can be your friend, and how you can save more money and pay less in taxes with a host of deductions and write-offs from A to Z.

The information in this book is quick and to-the-point, designed specifically with entrepreneurs in mind. The simplicity of its contents adds to its popularity, especially as we live in such a busy world. Learn how to maximize your tax deductions and write-offs so you can keep more of the money you worked so hard to earn.

Get a digital copy available on Amazon for only $3.47 today. Paperback version is coming soon.

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