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Meet Jonathan

“When you understand the world of tax deductions, you can have a newfound
confidence and the ability to make strategic decisions in your business that will
generate revenue and create opportunities that PROFIT”

Business Profit Tax Coach Extraordinaire

The world of tax is Jonathan’s life! Growing up in extreme poverty Jonathan that money CAN bring happiness, and he is eager and passionate about shining this light to financial happiness for others.

With a Bachelor’s in Business Accounting and a Master’s in Secondary Education, and as an IRS Enrolled Agent, Jonathan has mastered profits and taxes over the past 16 years. He has taken his firm of just 30,000 in revenue to now multi-six figures, working with elite consultants, digital marketers, and many self-employed business owners.

Let Jonathan show you the light to financial happiness!

Financial Happiness comes from knowing you never have to worry about ‘how to pay for things.’ Many financial advisors, money coaches, and business coaches can sometimes over complicate the idea of financial happiness. Sure, it is about having money, making money, and utilizing the power of money, but it all boils down to security.

We have been told many times that money does not buy us happiness; but I sure can tell you, money certainly makes your life better.

Jonathan as a Speaker

The first step to shining the light to financial happiness and security is to understand the basics of tax write-offs. The ABC’s of Deductions is an easy-to-understand pocket book that covers the deductions entrepreneurs can take from A to z.

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