|  Small Business Financial Happiness BluePrint™

Small Business Financial Happiness BluePrint™

Jonathan Bengel’s Small Business Financial Happiness Blueprint is the foremost program for mindful, heart-centered, established women, and a few good men, entrepreneurs who are ready to shift their mindset from “employee,” to “Bad-Ass CEO,” and claim their worthiness, by falling back in love with their ‘soul’ to guide them through the “darkness” of making a profit, and shining the light to ultimate financial happiness.


 You will learn how to:

  • Step into the power of who you were born to be: Bad-Ass CEO capable of making a shit ton of money while paying just a fraction in taxes, and realizing your true purpose: Happiness
  • Shift the old mindset from “employee,” to “employer,” so that you can finally
    • pay yourself a living wage,
    • take back your profits,
    • and feel empowered to lend money to and from your own company.
  • Separate yourself from your business so that you can make the difficult decisions to make a profit and see your company in a new, bold, and exciting way!
  • Distinguish between the Four Major Tax Entity Structures that yield the largest tax benefits and finally understand that an LLC isn’t an automatic tax-saving strategy!
  • Discover the difference between a tax deduction versus an expense, and when to take full advantage of Two Major Tax Deductions that you are entitled to take overnight!
  • Defend yourself during an audit with the right documents such as Partnership Agreement, Corporate By-Laws, and other record-keeping techniques to keep you and your money safe.
  • Finally Accept yourself, in all its glory, as the Bad-Ass CEO you were born to be!


In this program you will access to:

  • FIVE, 2 ½ Hour, Live Coaching Sessions, tailored to your needs.
  • Lifetime Access to Recordings, and freedom to join live classes.
  • EBook Copy of Jonathan’s Book, “The ABCs of Deductions: An Entrepreneurs Guide to Tax Write-Offs”
  • Common Business Contracts, such as Corporate Minutes, Mileage Logs, and much more.




By the End this program you will:

  • Shine the light to greater profits and fewer taxes.
  • Build the confidence to make better business decisions.
  • Ultimately Transform your business into a powerful entity that yields the greatest tax benefits to you and your family.



Perfectly Position Your Business for Supreme Profits, maximizing your business deductions and write-offs, minimizing your taxes, to yield increased money and confidence!

You don’t have to take my word for it – listen to what Robert Jones had to say!

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Scholarships Available for women entrepreneurs! To learn more, email Info@JBFinancialLLC.com

Investment: $2997
Guarantee: 30-Day Money Back

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